Magic Motion in Action !

By Goldlight

Case series:

Dildo Fuckingmachine Magic Motion "Special".
This model of the Magic Motion Fuckingmachine serie does not leave desires open! Identically constructed like the model Magic Motion Standard Fuckmachine offers this set to you the absolute kick of 3 adjustable stroke depths by 350 thrusts per minute. Select between a stroke of 8 cm, 10 cm and unbelievable 13 cm.

The set "Special" contains:

Case with propulsion technology
Control unit infinitely variable 0 - 350 thrusts/min.
Thrust rod 60 cm (separable 2 x 30 cm)
Stroke depth: adjustable 8 cm, 10 cm, 13 cm

Accessories of the set:

1 x cock (length 18 cm, diameter approx. 4 cm)
1 x cock (length 17 cm, diameter approx. 2,5 cm)
1 x cock (length 19 cm, diameter approx. 3,8 cm)
1 x vibrator
1 x cockring
1 x sliding cream

Direct link: Fuckingmachine " Magic Motion Special "