Fucking and Vibrations Machine Magic Motion Perfect

The most intensive and most modern Sextoy of the world!

Magic Motion "Perfect" is an extremely strong vibration machine, combined with a fucking machine packed in a stool with noble Design and high-quality working. Forget everything what you have seen or heard about Sexmachines in the past. This unusual impressive Sextoy is the result of our development and experience of many years in the production of Sexmachines.

Magic Motion "Perfect" contains three systems in one:

1. A seat, which produces a extremely strong and intensity vibration. No matter, whether the woman is sitting down on the vibration unit dressed or naked within shortest time she will be "forced" to an orgasm. Numerous Dildos in different sizes and strengths as well as other various Sextoys, which are already contained in the set, can be screwed onto the vibrator seat. These transmit the extremely strong vibration also into the Vagina and/or the G-point of the woman which results in most intensive orgasm. This unit works with unbelievable strength and intensity vibrations and at present you do not find any vibrator in a sexshop which can be achieved these vibrations approximately.
2. A thrust unit with up to 350 thrusts (110 Volt version: 180 thrusts) per minute, which spoils you comfortably in sitting. With a depth of penetration of pleasant 6 cm the woman can be satisfied vaginal/anal, as well as the man can be satisfied anal (by the way, when the partner is already sitting at the vibration seat, because both units are fitted with an own propulsion technology so that a pair can use it together with different thrust and/or vibration intensity)!
3. A flexible thrust unit with up to 350 thrusts (110 Volt version: 180 thrusts) per minute. Because of the flexible thrust rod (divisible or extendable), which adapt automatically to a body position up to 45, almost all positions are possible, from the front or from behind, in lying, kneeing or standing. Moreover you can select a stroke depth of approx. 6 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm.
4. The control unit - an absolute world innovation: a manual control with turbo-key and integrated Microprozessor. This Microprozessor generates a random program, in both units which forces you completely automatically in different vibration and/or thrust intervals and intensity to the climax. The random program generates itself again and again and can additionally adjusted by the controller from soft, hard up to extremely. I.e., the more you turn the controller button to the right, the more the machine will be thrust and/or vibrate. If you switch to the Microprozessor Controller, a minicomputer takes over the direction and you only select the intensity. Now the processor will drive you in a pre-programmed operation continuously in different thrust and/or vibration waves and impulses up to the orgasm. Depending from the section you selected - soft, hard or extreme - range you will experience orgasm within few minutes or also just in a few seconds.
Overview of the features:

* vibration seat with own propulsion technology, extremely strong vibration and the possibility of different dildo and/or sextoy fixtures.
* fucking machine unit for the sitting position with own propulsion technology. Up to 350 thrusts (110 Volt version: 180 thrusts) with a stroke of approx. 6 cm.
* flexible fucking machine unit with thrust rod (divisible or extendable) for almost all positions. Up to 350 thrusts (110 Volt version: 180 thrusts) per minute with the possibility to adjust different stroke depths of approx. 6 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm.
* manual control for both systems infinitely variable adjustable with integrated Microprozessor. Both units, vibration seat and fucking machine, can be operated separately from each other or also together in differently adjustable intervals.
* turbo-key for the extreme vibrations and/or full thrust power.
The optimal sex machine for women, pairs and clubs!

Accessories in the set Magic Motion "Perfect":

1 x Realistic Dildo, 15 x 4,5 cm, for vibration seat and fucking machine unit.
1 x Realistic Dildo, 20 x 4,5 cm, with vibration, for the fucking machine unit.
1 x Realistic Dildo, 11 x 4 cm, for vibration seat and fucking machine unit.
1 x Dildo, 15 x 4 cm, for vibration seat and fucking machine unit.
1 x Anal dildo, ca. 15 x 2,5 cm, for the fucking machine unit.
1 x Vacuum foot for the dildos contained in the set for using without Magic Motion "Perfect" easily on the side.
1 x Love balls (2 balls and inside of each is an additional ball)
1 x Sliding cream
3 x Thrust rods for the fucking machine unit

Measurements: w:55/h:35/40/d:33 cm)
Weight: ca. 20 kg

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