Which electronic is used for MAGIC MOTION? We only use quality engines of a well-known German manufacturer with life span up to 4.000 operation hours. Nearly all components are german hight quality products.
MAGIC MOTION is connected to 230V (110V) power supply, isn't it dangerous? No, absolutely not. MAGIC MOTION is connected to 230V (110V) power supply, but the real output voltage amounts to max. 18V with max. 2.5 ampere.
Is it complicated to assemble MAGIC MOTION? No, all components of MAGIC MOTION can be assembled easily and without any tool within a few minutes.
How does the delivery of MAGIC MOTION? HS Systeme will send all products in an absolute neutral parcel to you by post. Shipment is within 1 - 3 working days. The delivery depends from the country: within EU 5 - 7 working days, outside EU 7 - 14 working days. The payment of the invoice can be by pre-payment or credit card).
Can I use MAGIC MOTION alone? Also in different positions? Yes, the cable of the control unit to the machine has a length of approx. 1.5 m, the thrust rod approx. 60 cm (plus the length of the replaceable cock). MAGIC MOTION suits on automatically to your body position up to approx. 90° (height), almost all positions are possible. We offer a great range of replaceable cocks in different materials and sizes and a lot of accessories for our sets, i.e. the Controller "Surprise", a random generator with different programms and possiblities for adjustment.
How is the stroke of MAGIC MOTION? Approx. 9 cm (Set "Standard" and "Play-Set"). With the sets "Special" or "Exclusiv" you can change the stroke of 8/10/13 cm. On basis of test over many years we have developed a system with special components which makes it possible to give greatest power already at a low frequences - no minimum number of revolution is necessary.
How long is the guarantee? Do I have a right for return or exchange? The guarantee amounts to 2 years starting from date of the invoice. The right for return or exchange amounts to 14 days. For details see our "general terms of delivery and business".
What causes the control unit exactly? The manual control enables a variable adjustment of 0 - approx. 240/350 (it depends from the model) thrusts per minute, i.e. from very gentle thrusts up to strong and fast frequencies. In the set "Exclusive" our controller "Surprise" instead of the normal hand control is included.