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Manufacturer of dildo und vibrations-sexmachines of the type series "Magic Motion"

About us

The company HS Systeme started the business at beginning of the nineties by the founder of the company, Mr. Helmut Schmitt. From the beginning different products within the field of fine electronics and fine mechanics were developed and manufactured, which are still sold also today european-wide.

By and by we also worked at other projects and one day - middle of the nineties - more or less by a fluke resp. by a thought of a customer, we go about development of a dildo-sexmachine. Another year later the first sexmachine of the type series "Magic Motion" was born. In development of this product our long lasting experience in fine electronics was very helpful and this technology characterizes our sexmachines till today. Not least the microprozessor-controller results, the control unit for our machines, also a invention and development of our company.

At the beginning of 2000 the German television has been attentively on our " dildo fuckingmachines ". One broadcast has happened in a erotic show and a second in the "highlights of the year" of the same show in December. A lot of other TV channels as well as the press followed and Magic Motion became well-known. At the world greatest erotic fair VENUS in Berlin/Germany in 2001 Magic Motion was assessed as "the most exceptionally sex toy of the 21st century".

In the following years new models of the type series Magic Motion came into the market and beginning 2006 we started with development of the exclusive and luxurious stool-model Magic Motion "Perfect": the most intensive and most modern sexmachine of the world was born. We present it for the first time at the VENUS 2006 and especially American customers were very much impressed. They confirmed, that we established with Magic Motion "Perfect" definite the most powerful and most effective sex toy this kind of the world. In modification of the "Perfect" since January 2007 we offer our newest model "Vibrations", a pure extreme vibration sexmachine.

Because of our very motivated, creative and flexible employees we are always in the position to react to requirements of our customers and to develop new models accordingly. We respond directly to customer's options and we gladly deliver the sets also in individual combination.

In the meantime we proudly can say that we are leading in development and manufacturing of sexmachines in high quality and with most modern technology worldwide. Excepted some accessories we only use components of well-known German manufacturer. This is also a reason for our worldwide business, because this very day a lot of customers attach great importance to products "Made in Germany". The complete type series "Magic Motion" corresponds to the European CE-Guideline

Our company starts with a staff of two persons in a small office and a small factory in the cellar. Actual 9 persons are working for HS Systeme, whereof 5 employees are working in our factory. All branches we need for production of our machines are placed there: joinery, saddlery, electronic and fine mechanics.

Product and name of Magic Motion is registered at the German office for patent and mark, Munich.

Magic Motion, experience is our advance

Our company and a part of our employees

Mounting of the Magic Motion "stool"-models ... and mounting of the Magic Motion "case"-models.
In our own saddlery the stools we be covered with noble synthetic leather Professional employees manufacture a product "Made in Germany"
Pre-cut part in the own joinery for the "stool"-series Deliver bottleneck - we do not know ! Material for production as well as our range of articles are on stock enough.
Our electronic specialist: "The man with the golden hands" at brazing ... and at his work with the electronic components
Our friendly official is nearly always approachable Helmut Schmitt, innovator and director of HS Systeme, manufacturer of the Magic Motion sexmachines