The original. The most intensive and most modern Fuckingmachines Made in Germany directly from the manufacturer, famous from numerous TV and press reports and erotic film productions.
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HS Systeme offers a variety of Sex Machines. Our fuckingmachines are high quality German production, not massed produced plastic toys. Our different high-tech machines offers a range of gratifying sensations through fantasies, emotional fulfillment and physical stimulation. We offer a lot of different models of Magic Motion suitable for nearly every lifestyle. Our fucking - machines are designed to be used by men and women or together (e.g. our model Magic Motion "Perfect) or for erotic games in clubs. The extensive accessories of all our sets Magic Motion offers a wide spectrum for satisfaction. Chooseone model of our sex machines today and start enjoying pleasures you have never imagined before! Unusual adult toys, sex machines, fuckingmachine, motor sex.

Magic Motion "Sensation"

Absolute world novelty ! The ultimative masturbation machine for men

Magic Motion "Sensation", the first and truly real masturbation system with additionally integrated thrust units. This world novelty was developped for using with our sex toys as well as with a large selection of customary sex toys. Because of the slide function the toys can steplessly be adapted in the height, so that you will experience intensive satisfaction in sitting, standing and in lying. With the usual reliable technology of all Magic Motion sexmachines we guarantee also with the Magic Motion "Sensation" strong power and thrusts up to 260 times per minute. The standard equipment of this set includes a "Fleshlight", probably one of the most well-known and best masturbation sex toy for intensive orgasm. The set also includes a "Magic Motion Hand", a "sliding cream" and a "controller". You can expand the system with further masturbation sex toys, cockrings and fucking units. You can connect up to 3 thrust units, also opposite e.g. for penetration of two or three persons at the same time.

For a still better stability at extreme using (e.g. or for using on the bed) a base plate can be acquired as accessory.

Magic Motion "Sensation" - the ultimative masturbation machine for men, surpassing in variety and functionality.

Set Magic Motion Sensation:
1 x Fleshlight masturbator
1 x Magic Motion hand masturbator
1 x Adapter for different sextoy 1 x Sliding cream
1 x Hand control

Our most sold machine - Magic Motion Perfect

The most intensive and most modern sextoy of the world, a revolution among the Sexmachines!

Magic Motion "Perfect" is an extremely strong vibration machine, combined with a fuckingmachine packed in a stool with noble Design and high-quality working. Forget everything what you have seen or heard about Sex - machines in the past. This unusual impressive Sextoy is the result of our development and experience of many years in the production of Sexmachines. Our company is leading since more than 10 years in production of Sexmachines of our model line "Magic Motion" and all our experience flow into our newest project to develop most effective and most modern Sextoy, which is on the market at present:

Even to date strongest sexmachine of the world, the "Sybian", is approximately incommensurable with the unbelievable vibration unit of Magic Motion "Perfect". Statement of a customer: "... The vibration unit of Magic Motion Perfect is much stronger altogether. The vibration of the Perfect is different than of the Sybian (it doesn't mean, that the vibration of thy Sybian is bad), but with the Perfect it's more enjoyable and comfortable - more tinkly ..."

Magic Motion - the original. The most intensive and most modern Sexmachines Made in Germany directly from the manufacturer, famous from numerous TV and press reports and erotic film productions. Convincingly by quality, achievement, reliability and versatility.As accessories a lot of replaceable dildos in different materials, sizes and strengths are offered. For our products we use only CE-certificated German quality products. We only use powerful quality engines of a well-known German manufacturer with a life span up to 4.000 operation hours and no standard windscreen wiper engines for cars, because this kind of engines don't have the power to work also in low speed frequencies. All other electronic components are also produced by well-known German manufacturers. The complete model line Magic Motion corresponds to the European CE-Guidelines.

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Magic Motion "Sensation"